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Hewlett Packard Designjet Plotters

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„ HP Designjet 10ps Printer (Model C7790A) 20ps Printer (Model C7790B)
„ HP Designjet 30 Printer (Model C7790D) 30n Printer (Model C7790E)
„ HP Designjet 50ps Printer (Model C7790C) 70 Printer (Model Q6655A) 
„ HP Designjet 90 Printer (Model Q6656A) 90r Printer (Model Q6656B)
„ HP Designjet 100 Printer (Model C7796A) 100+ Printer (Model C7796C)
„ HP Designjet 110 Printer (Model C7796B) 110+ Printer (Model C7796D)
„ HP Designjet 110+nr Printer (Model C7796E) 120 Printer (Model C7791A)
„ HP Designjet 120nr Printer (Model C7791B)
„ 130 Printer (Model C7791C) 130nr Printer (Model C7791D)