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Michigan's #1 Source For Designjet Repair
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Michigans #1 Source For Designjet Repair
Clinton Twp. MI

We Have More Knowledge & Availability On Designjet 
Repair & Parts Gauranteed !!

We Can Be At Your Location Within Hours 
With The Right Parts !!

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Why do designjet plotter belts fail ?


 10% from age 90% from lack of lubrication..
This is a sure way to end the life of your plotter by not maintaining it correctly when we install new plotter designjet belts we always use genuine hp lubrication to prolong your plotters life. 
Installing a new belt without lubrication is just 

Plotter Belt Replacement

Includes new Belt D / E sizes 24" or 36" $195.00
Designjet 430/450/600/650/700/750/755 Series
incudes: Cleaning and hp Lubrication for Pro-Longed Life

Designjet 500/800/110/120/130 Series 
24" Belt installed $225.00
Includes: Belt Kit

Designjet 1050-1055 series 36"
Includes: Belt + Tensioner kit installed $295.00
The 1050/1055 Can Be Very High Risk For Board Failure
If You Don't Have Experience Installing Belts.

500/800/2500/3000/3500/ Z Series
All hp designjet 42" inch belts installed for $295.00
Includes: Belt Kit

UV Or Dye
designjet 5000/5500 42" or 60"
Carriage Belt Kit Installed For $325.00

Be Aware of 3rd party belts being sold we have had many problems with these belts they are being produced and sold to supply the demand of discontinued parts by hp. 

On-Site Service $130.00
Depot $65.00

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